Video! An interview with Alex Kaluzny

Today I set up another video interview in my infinite quest to find you, the reader, the best content available. This interview comes courtesy of SUNY Fredonia’s own Alex Kaluzny. As you’ll see in the interview, Alex has done scouting and video work for the FSU hockey team. Hope you enjoy it! [Embedding is hit or miss so click the link if it doesn’t work.]


Update from the Diamond

It looks like the Fredonia State Blue Devils have to put their mitts away for the season. Which team needs to hang up their mitts? Both. Men’s baseball and Women’s softball have been eliminated from SUNYAC contention after lackluster seasons from start to finnish.

After dropping two out of three games to the Oswego Lakers this past weekend, Fredonia State baseball was officially eliminated SUNYAC contention. These losses come at the latter end of a season that saw the Blue Devils earn a record of 12-22 overall (FSU baseball still has one game remaining). More important than their overall record was their conference record which ended at a disappointing 6-12. This season marked the first year of a two-year push for the Blue Devils to reach the SUNYAC championship. Despite its youth, Fredonia State baseball believes it has the experience to make a definite push through next season. The team only lists having three seniors on its roster at the moment so team chemistry shouldn’t be too drastically different next season. Look for the Blue Devils to take this off-season to regroup as a team and continue to make strides as an organization.

The Women’s Softball team had a topsy-turvy season that saw them alternate wins and losses in a near cyclic manner. Despite a strong season start in Claremont, Fla., the Blue Devils puttered out once they returned to New York soil. They finished the season at exactly .500 with a record of 16-16-1. Their conference record was unfortunately a losing one at 7-11. This is a reflection of a relatively disappointing season for the softball team as they finished on the bottom half of the SUNYAC standings. The team roster lists seven seniors that will graduate this year leaving the future a bit uncertain for this team.

It should be noted that (as mentioned earlier) Fredonia Men’s Baseball still has one game left to play. This game will be at 4:00 pm today at Pitt-Bradford in Pennsylvania.

Did FSU Women’s Lacrosse close the season strong? Well, one player did.

In short: Yes. In long: Yes, yes.

Not only did the team finish the season strong, they absolutely buried their opponent. The Oswego Lakers women’s laxers continued their reign as bottom feeders of SUNYAC during their 20-13 deterioration to the Fredonia State Blue Devils. As usual, Fredonia state found scoring from a powerful senior. Not as usual, the senior wasn’t powerhouse Amy Simon. Instead, Morgan McNamara tallied eight goals in her last regular season home game as a Blue Devil.

Players like McNamara will be quite important for Fredonia State down the SUNYAC stretch. McNamara flew under the radar for much of the season due to the sensational play of Amy Simon and Katie Kleine (who have received more than enough coverage on this blog). Her 42 goals were good enough for third on the team in that category behind the aforementioned duo. McNamara and her fellow depth scorers will become pivotal for the Blue Devils as playoffs begin. The only weakness of Fredonia State this season exists in the fact that they are nearly a one trick pony. Kleine sets up Simon and one of the two has a dynamite game. That’s just what it comes down to with this team. The Cortland Red Dragons and Buffalo State Bengals, who are the strongest competition standing in FSU’s way, are built around a lot of scoring from a lot of places. If Fredonia wants to keep up, it’s going to take the Morgan McNamara’s of the world to keep them afloat.

Depth scoring for the Blue Devils will likely come from Morgan McNamara. Photo courtesy of

Other sources of scoring could come from both a Freshman and a Senior. Katie Glagolev, who makes up the Freshman end of this duo, netted 20 goals this season which is quite impressive for a first year player. She did that while only starting 12 games (she played in 15, though). The other side of this scoring depth could come from senior Karli Brinthaupt who snagged a total of 24 goals in her last season as a Blue Devil. There is a very strong chance that these players could make or break the Blue Devils in the post season. The opponents of Fredonia State will no doubt defend Amy Simon every step of the way. Simon will be double teamed and shadowed every time she comes even close to the ball. It is the duty of Fredonia State to find a way to alleviate some pressure on Amy Simon through their depth scoring.

In other news, Fredonia State yet again received votes for the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IWLCA) DIII national lacrosse poll. Although they didn’t officially rank, the team was an honorable mention of sorts. This national ranking is a huge step for a program that is having an absolutely unreal year. For what it’s worth, the Cortland Red Dragons are ranked second overall in the nation in the exact same poll.

Fredonia starts SUNYAC playoffs this Friday, May 4th when they take on the Buffalo State Bengals on their quest to the SUNYAC Championship.

FSU Women’s Lacrosse is having a record setting season… And they still aren’t the best.

The Fredonia Women’s Lacrosse team is winning games at a torrid pace. They have won ten of their last eleven games and only have three loses on the entire season. Their forwards are scoring at will with Amy Simon and Katie Kleine leading the charge as one of the best tandems in the SUNYAC. The team has a strong defense that, although they allow goals, gives the team a chance to win every night. There’s only one issue with this seemingly perfectly crafted team: They aren’t the best. Literally.

Despite Fredonia’s insanely successful season, they are actually second in the SUNY athletic conference standings. I failed to mention earlier that Fredonia, although successful, is not undefeated. The team is actually 6-1 in conference play. That one loss is especially critical because it came at the high scoring hands of the Cortland Red Dragons. Unlike their Blue Devil counterparts, Cortland is the best. Literally.

As unstoppable as Fredonia has been this season, Cortland has been more unstoppable. Cortland has everyone in SUNYAC beaten both in the standings and on the score sheet. One glance at the overall team statistics and individual leaders section of SUNYAC statistics backs up my point. As good as Amy Simon and Katie Kleine are at scoring, Cortland’s top forwards have been better. Forwards Lindsay Abbott and Maria Di Fato are a collective machine for the Red Dragons and they don’t show signs of stopping. Fredonia is built around the fact that Amy Simon can score and Katie Kleine can make plays (i.e. rack up assists). The problem with this is that Cortland’s Abbott and Di Fato can do both. Although neither Red Dragon has as many goals as Simon, they both have more points than Kleine (who is the points leader for the Blue Devils). On top of that, both players in Cortland’s dynamic duo have more goals than Kleine. Both Abbott and Di Fato currently sit at 56 goals which is only six less goals than Simon’s 62. In short, Fredonia is built on Simon’s goal scoring and Kleine’s play making. Cortland is built around two players that can out score you and outplay you without having to rely on just one of those attributes.


[Maria Di Fato (left) and Lindsay Abbott (right) are Cortland’s dynamic duo this season.]

There is one statistic, however, in which Fredonia leads the entire SUNYAC conference: Shot percentage. It should be noted that Fredonia only leads this category in conference play but at this point in the season conference play is all that really matters. This statistic is quite important in my opinion. Shot percentage is highly valued because it is not about how many shots you take but rather about how many of those shots go in. Clearly, Fredonia takes smart shots and makes effective use of the chances that are given to them. Fredonia has 101 goals on 191 shots. This is good enough for a .529 shooting percentage. A little more than half of the time Fredonia takes a shot, it goes in. Those are great odds, especially in a high scoring sport like lacrosse.

Fredonia has one more game left this season and it is this Saturday at 1 pm against SUNY Oswego. At 0-6 in conference play, Oswego are the bottom-feeders of SUNYAC this year. Fredonia has to get past them before they can start conference playoffs. Once SUNYAC playoffs start, there’s no denying that all eyes will be focused on Red and Blue: The Red Dragons from SUNY Cortland and the Blue Devils from SUNY Fredonia.

From the depths of YouTube: Fredonia Hockey

As evidenced by my earlier posts, I excavated YouTube earlier and found some gems from FSU hockey. In my research I actually managed to find even more random YouTube content centered around the Fredonia State hockey team. Between head coach Jeff Meredith, the expansive video coverage team that the team employs and different group projects, there are many videos based around Fredonia hockey. Buckle up folks, we’re about to run the gamut.

Like any good team, FSU hockey puts heavy emphasis on offseason training. Coach Meredith’s squad works hard through the summer to ensure they are in top form when the first puck is dropped. Check out this intense sandbag training. These videos are especially great if you like watching shirtless men throw things.

Every major sports team deserves some hype, right? Well, FSU hockey has plenty of it (even if that hype is created by their head coach). Check out this video that features some highlights of the 2011 Blue Devils. It skips at points but the video is still there.

Here is a video entitled “Road to the SUNYAC Championship” that was created for a Technology in Sports class. It contains some nice game footage and does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of FSU hockey games. There is also an interview with Fredonia hockey fans about halfway through the video.

Finally, no good win is complete without some post game celebration. Check it out as Coach Meredith takes us inside the locker room for some post game celebrations. It can be seen here that the player of the game gets to hammer a puck into the “Roadkill” board after a win away from home ice. There is nothing quite like the energy of a team locker room after a big win!


Blue Devil Profile: Bryan Ross

In the professional hockey world, we’re deep into the heart of playoff hockey. There is no doubt that the only sport that garners any major attention on the Fredonia campus is Men’s Ice Hockey. The FSU hockey team plays a fast paced game that is based around certain dynamic players carrying the brunt of the workload for most of the team. One such player is Senior Bryan Ross.

This past year, in Ross’s senior season, he posted the most goals, assists and points of any Blue Devil skater. He also quarterbacked the team’s power play for much of the season due to his powerful slapshot and killer instinct around the net. Ross was the go to guy for Fredonia state and his game play speaks for itself. At the DIII level, often Ross stood out like a man among boys. Oh yeah, as a junior Ross wasn’t exactly a chump either. His 46 points were easily good enough for best on the team.

At a height of 5 foot 10, Ross isn’t exactly the tallest player in the SUNYAC system. It is my opinion that his size only adds to just how dynamic a player he is. Don’t just take my word for it, though. Check out this highlight video that features the best goals from Ross’s junior and senior seasons.

During his time at Fredonia State, Bryan Ross tallied 137 points in 103 games. There is no doubt Ross will be missed on the Blue Devil roster next season.